Does Fair Trade make a difference?

“Supporters believe that Fair Trade makes a significant positive impact in the world”

– Fairtrade advocates for decent working conditions, fair prices for farmers, sustainable practices, environmental protection and the empowerment of farmers and workers in developing countries.
– Fairtrade requires businesses to pay a fair price to farmers for their produce and crops.
– Fairtrade is looking out for farmers to ensure they can improve their livelihoods and strengthen their businesses.

What is Fair Trade?

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What is Fair Trade About

What is Fair Trade?Fair trade helps producers from developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable relations. It is a program that allows producers to gain high profits. This will improve their social and environmental standards. Handicrafts, coffee, wine,...

Fair Trade Certification

Fair Trade products are a part of a program started by people that wanted to use their purchasing power to make sure that tiny farmers, crafters and artisans had the prospect to compete with bigger corporations and make a good wage doing it. Any small company that...

Should I buy Fair Trade Products?

Should I take out and products that support workers in Third World countries by buying Fairtrade labelled products albeit these goods normally travel thousands of miles from Asia, Africa, South America or South East Asia? What if these foods were produced with the...

Fair Trade Builds Communities

Buying Fair Trade products is more important than ever to keep communities growing and sustaining the people who live there. There is a lot of competition for consumer dollars right now. Many people are watching the bottom line very carefully and trying to get the...

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