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A Look in the History of Fair Trade

Knowing the history of fair trade is interesting given that it has a noble goal of helping producers from developing countries achieve better trading conditions for their products. The notion of a fair trade for goods started...

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How are Fair Trade Standards Made?

Buying fair trade products is a good choice but selling them is not as easy since they are required to meet certain fair trade standards. Meeting such standards enables sellers to obtain what is known as a fair trade...

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Why Early Fair Trade Law Failed

For most people fair trade is a relatively new concept. In the U.S. however there was a time a thing such as fair trade law was enacted. The major difference of this fair trade law with what we know about it today is that it...

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How to be a Fair Trade Town

A fair trade town is a town that has made its commitment to becoming a supporter of fair trade. The idea however is not limited to towns but can also include cities, villages and even islands or countries. Garstang in Lancashire...

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