Does Fair Trade make a difference?

“Supporters believe that Fair Trade makes a significant positive impact in the world”

– Fairtrade advocates for decent working conditions, fair prices for farmers, sustainable practices, environmental protection and the empowerment of farmers and workers in developing countries.
– Fairtrade requires businesses to pay a fair price to farmers for their produce and crops.
– Fairtrade is looking out for farmers to ensure they can improve their livelihoods and strengthen their businesses.

What is Fair Trade?

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The Five Benefits of Fair Trade

There are many benefits and pros of fair trade clothing, fair trade shoes and products. They become clear once one learns that its main goal is to alleviate poverty in developing countries and inculcate the value of sustainable development. It aims to create more...

The Definition of Fairtrade

The Definition of Fairtrade: A Basic Explanation A Fairtrade label or symbol can now be found on many chocolates, coffee, bananas, and fruits. It is also increasingly applied to garments and handicrafts. People can instantly tell if a product has been certified as...

How Does Fair Trade Help Farmers?

Have you ever bought something with a Fair Trade label and pondered what the label meant? In its most basic form, Fair Trade certification indicates that a product complies with specified laws that aid in the promotion of equitable and long-term trade relationships....

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a method of importing commodities that have been produced by workers who are paid a fair wage for their labour. Producers agree to meet particular wage and production standards in exchange for certain import advantages, rather than taking advantage of...

Top 5 Best Fair Trade Laundry Detergents

If there is something, everyone loves it's the wonderful smell of fresh, clean clothes. However, the rate at which we're doing our laundry, especially now that people are in their homes, could cause more harm than good for our planet. Mindful consumerism Mindful...

Should I buy Fair Trade Products?

Should I take out and products that support workers in Third World countries by buying Fairtrade labelled products albeit these goods normally travel thousands of miles from Asia, Africa, South America or South East Asia? What if these foods were produced with the...

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