Senda Athletics Fair Trade Products

Senda Athletics Fair Trade Products

There are many benefits and pros of fair trade clothing, fair trade shoes and products. They become clear once one learns that its main goal is to alleviate poverty in developing countries and inculcate the value of sustainable development. It aims to create more opportunities for producers facing economic disadvantage over multinational companies. Because it also aims for sustainable development, both workers and producers are being offered much better trading conditions than before. Here we aim to answer “What are Benefits of Fair Trade?”

Five Benefits of Fair Trade are:

First Benefit of Fair Trade

    Is that it increases the income of the producers of the farmers. This is achieved through two steps –

  • The price of the goods are paid at an agreed and guaranteed fair price for the producer and manufacturer.
  • The distribution channels involved in marketing the goods is also reduced. Then the producers get a larger share from the price of the goods rather than the distribution company.

Second Benefit of Fair Trade

Is that because they now have a larger share of the pie, both farmers and workers have extra income with which to improve their lives. The price of a specific good is typically computed to cover the cost of both sustainable production and livelihood. A premium is also added to the price to be used as investment for development projects. These projects include building schools, funding scholarships and even used to fund low-interest loans for farmers and workers.

Third Benefit of Fair Trade

Greater environmental protection. The Fair Trade Certification being used to market the products does not only show where the good comes from and who benefits from it. It also tells consumer how the good was made and manufactured. For agricultural goods for example, the use of some pesticides is not allowed and hence giving consumer greater satisfaction in knowing that the goods are safe.

Fourth Benefit of Fair Trade

Is the advantage that farmers are able to obtain a better and stronger foothold in the world market. Because buyers deal directly with the farmers, the farmers are able to get good prices for their products in the market.

Fifth Benefit of Fair Trade

That it provides a closer link to the producers and consumers. Most consumers nowadays are environmentally conscious and thus want to know more about their products. In addition, consumers also want to know just how much the ones who originally make the products are getting. In the end consumers become satisfied with the quality of their products. And the farmers get satisfaction from knowing that they got paid accordingly for the goods they produced.

Benefits of Fair Trade Products

These are just a few of the many benefits of fair trade has. For most consumers, knowing where the product came, who benefits from it and how it was made makes the purchase all the more fulfilling.