Black Fair Trade shoes
Price: $147.49 – $206.48

Supporting Fair Trade Manufacturers

By purchasing fair trade shoes, you are supporting the original producers of the materials that was used to make the shoes. Unlike other shoes, fair trade shoes assist in the development of the local communities of the suppliers by paying a fair wage and investing in local projects, they also provide suitable working environments for the workers.

Blue Fair Trade Sandals, the more decorative style of Fair Trade Shoes.

A more decorative style of Fair Trade Shoes.
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It is about decent working conditions, better prices, fair terms of trade and local sustainability for workers and farmers in the third (developing) world that are manufacturing products.

Buying Fair Trade Shoes

By requiring shoe companies to pay sustainable prices for their goods, it addresses the injustices of conventional manufacturing companies, which traditionally hurts the poorest, weakest shoe producers. If we buy fair trade it enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.