World Fair Trade Day was started as an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization. Each year, it will be celebrated around May. Thousands of businesses and consumers, and even policy makers, will celebrate the event with the theme: “TRADE FOR PEOPLE – Fair Trade your world.” The theme tells about the strong belief that people and the environment should be at the heart of every trade and not simply profits. In addition people must trade for sustainable development.

What can one expect on World Fair Trade Day?

The event is not just about conferences and symposiums but it is also about having fun as well. Take for instance the face painting event. Just paint your face with the official logo and then send a photo to the organizers. Thus you don’t really need to go there but can celebrate this wonderful day on your own.

Fair Trade Products Cruelty Free Leather Luggage Tag - Circles

Fair Trade Products Cruelty Free Leather Luggage Tag – Circles

Some communities are also planning Fair Trade Fashion Shows were they get to display the latest fashion trends using fair trade products. The World Fair Trade Day Beating of Drums is another event that has become synonymous with the celebration. If you’re planning to hold your own activities, make sure to include this one as it is not only fun but will also catch the attention of other people. Another successful event is the Fair Trade Coffee/Tea Breaks. This has also been associated with the event and can be done even in your office or company. What you simply need to do is make sure that during the break, only fairtrade coffee or tea will be served. This event has been so successful that each year a new record is set.

Kids at World Fair Trade Day

Kids can also join the day through painting competitions. Not only will the kids be able to show their talents but they also learn the values of fairness. For those who like to cook, some communities have cooking competitions where contestants get to cook their specialties using only fair trade ingredients.

Of course what would the celebration be without a Products Fair. Here you get to see not only the different products made by your country and from other suppliers for many parts of the world. If you don’t have the money to buy the products, you can always volunteer to help with the event.

World Fair Trade Day is held during May each year, what plans do you have for this wonderful day, will you be an exhibitor a volunteer or a customer?