Edna Ruth Byler: Ten Thousand Villages Entrepreneur

Edna Ruth Byler – Founder of Fair Trade

The Fair Trade movement of started over sixty years ago with the founding of Ten Thousand Villages. The organization was the brainchild of Edna Ruth Byler, an American businesswoman who was struck by the poverty that she witnessed when she was on a trip to Puerto Rico. She believed that artisans in developing countries could have sustainable economic opportunities if they were provided them with a viable marketplace to sell their goods and products to consumers in other rich countries. So Byler began the movement which is a billion dollar industry, supporting millions of people worldwide providing better economic, working and health conditions. A truly remarkable woman, a woman who had a vision and mission to make a difference in the world. And that she has done!

Buying Fair Trade Products

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There are many companies around the world market who support artisans like Ten Thousand Villages that builds long term buying relationships with artisans who then receive a fair price for their work, have better working conditions according to the International Fair trade act and then the consumers have access to clothing, gifts, shoes, products, accessories and home décor from around the world.  http://www.tenthousandvillages.com

Where are you buying Fair Trade products from?

There are so many wonderful businesses supporting these artisans around the world, but I’d love to hear where you are buying Fair trade clothing, shoes and products from?

Fair Trade Shoe Pile

Fair Trade Shoe Pile