Eco-Bags Fair Trade Products

Eco-Bags Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade USA (formally TransFair USA) have introduced the first US certification for Fair Trade Clothing, to specifically protect cotton farmers. The certification is a 2 year pilot test which aims to improve the conditions of workers and cotton farmers. This is very exciting news for producers and manufactures of fairtrade around the world, let’s hope more countries will introduce this certification too.

Fair Trade Products

Today, the third-party certifier of these products, launched the first US certification for Fair Trade clothing as part of a two-year pilot test, because the term “sustainable fashion” should mean more than just organic cotton or materials. It should include the working conditions and livelihoods of garment workers and cotton farmers as well.

Fair Trade ensures “cotton farmers receive a guaranteed minimum price to protect them from price fluctuations…” Hopefully, this guaranteed minimum price is significant enough to help the world’s subsistence cotton growers compete with the over-subsidized American cotton farmers.
How do you think this certification compares to that of Oxfam’s Fair Trade Act?